How to Make Money with IGTV Right Now

Exciting times! Instagram reached 1 billion users this week and has released a new feature that is going to change the life of online entrepreneurs. No joke. This is huge! And more so, the opportunities coming with it. Ladies and Gentlemen, you may have seen it already, but I present to you IGTV.

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What is IGTV

IGTV is a new app feature rolled out 3 days ago on Instagram. It allows users to upload videos up to 1 hour long. Hold on a second. I must clarify here, that for now, only verified and bigger accounts are able to upload videos with that length. For everyone else the limit is 10 minutes. Well, that’s the official information. My profile allows me to upload a video that’s 15 minutes long! Either way, Instagram has promised to lift all time limits in the future. Besides, wait until I tell you what you can do with these 10 or 15 minutes!

Why IGTV is the next best things since sliced bread

Le Roi est mort, vive le Roi! In other words, the introduction of IGTV may actually mean the slow death of YouTube. Mmm, yes, it does sound a bit extreme, but certainly a possibility within the next few years, considering the current trends. Check IGTV’s advantages:

  • Videos must be vertical — made for mobile use.
  • Instagram is already far too popular with the Millennial and the younger generation
  • It has buried SnapChat
  • It has Facebook’s huge empire behind its back
  • Viewers will be able to see more targeted content based on their likes and preferences
  • No unexpected “rubbish” videos
  • It’s ideal for comedians, music artists, coaches and online entrepreneurs

Why YouTube is still holding the fort

  • It’s part of Google and very important for SEO
  • It is the second largest search engine
  • It also hugely popular among the younger generation
  • Anyone can upload anything without length restriction
  • You can actually make money on YouTube for the content you put there

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To be honest if IGTV can play on the background even after you exit the app, this will certainly be the death of YouTube. It’s the main flaw of the largest video search engine people have been complaining for ages.

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YouTube vs IGTV

How can you make money with IGTV starting now

This is the part you’ve been scrolling down to. Although currently Instagram does not pay its creators for the video content they produce, there have been plans to introduce revenue share or other ways of monetising the platform.

“We are committed to helping [creators] build their careers and make a living doing this work,” a spokesperson told Recode after Tuesday’s presentation. “After launch, we’ll be exploring and testing ways to help creators monetize.” — Recode

Kevin Systrom, Instagram’s CEO, also said that he is committed to making sure that not only people who are already famous will be putting their hand in the honey pot. The main criteria for getting paid on IGTV will be producing popular and engaging videos. Once again, this means that value content will play a huge role into your success as an online entrepreneur. It’s not like I haven’t been telling you…

But no one has the time to sit and wait until a monetisation system is put in place. Instead, you can create your own. That’s right IGTV can be your next best sales funnel and therefore, make you lots of money. Here are some ideas what you can do on this new platform.

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